Projection Map Infographic

Zero-Footprint House Projection Mapped Info-graphic Display

Over in the technology and geomatics wood shop in Wilson Wallis, I worked with Bill Hemphill to cut out the different components of my projection map stage. The vector line image I created in illustrator from my drawing (fig. 1) were imported into AutoCad. I cut two sheets (fig. 2 & 3 and Video 1) one of the house and the system components, and another of the exterior wall structure. These two fourth inch wooden layers will be stacked and glued together (fig. 4) to create a 3-dimensional stage to project my house info-graphic videos on.

I brought the same vector drawing that I cut the stage with into Photoshop and painted it with a Wacom Cintiq to mimic a watercolor architectural rendering style. Each layer of this colored illustration was imported into After Effects (fig. 5) and I have begun creating a series of 3 animations that will depict how the house functions in conjunction with its surroundings. (fig. 6 and Video 2)

Video 1

Video 2

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