Two-Story Underground House

Inspired by the earthship’s ingenious design, this model of a modernization of an underground house was this semester’s project in Architectural Rendering. Use of recycled materials such as refurbished barnwood floors (fig. 2) and a large front-facing greenhouse with solar panels (fig. 6)  would cut down the cost of the build and energy efficiency of this structure.

The open, modern floorplan (fig. 5) has a sleeping loft with a bonus space to the left, which would make an excellent artist studio (fig. 9)  with the natural light from the top windows. Local stone would be stacked on the house’s face, (fig 1 & 6) bringing in a vernacular material so the house blends into it’s environment seamlessly. The back side of the house contains no windows because this is where the earth berm is located in order for the house to benefit from the soil’s warmth.

While the model shell itself was created in Maya, the furniture components were built in google sketchup and imported into the model for staging purposes. The scope of this project was rather ambitious on my part, though I still intend to move forward with the lighting and rendering of the model to create more realistic interiors.

2 thoughts on “Two-Story Underground House”

  1. Tom Netherland

    Hello Karahann, love the Eames chair! Oh, to own one of those things would be a delight. Of your designs, love the ingenuity and use of space – along with your midcentury touches within a modern palette.

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