Concepts: Public Art Project

Cher, Julie, Laura and met with the Johnson City Public Art Committee this morning to talk about the expansion of the concepts for the interactive public art project. Laura’s 3D renderings of the kinetic wind-driven sculpture turned out beautifully.(fig. 1) She tied in the regional fly fishing as well as the indigenous brook trout colors (fig. 2) into her design. Julie’s interactive topographic map of the regional mountains (fig. 3, video 1) impressed the board and made them question whether the project could be scaled to be incorporated into another regional park. The LED component illustrations (fig. 4), the led grid calculation and logistics (fig. 5) and LED light animation (fig. 6, video 2) were my contributions. The board was so enthusiastic about the 3D visualizations that they want to commission our design team to help them with the visuals for the park on Commerce street, translating the CAD plans into a textured and fully realized model. Overall, the board felt that the kinetic sculpture was a better fit for the space and chose this project to expand and develop a full-scale feasibility study and proposal.

video 1

video 2

Full Presentation 2

One thought on “Concepts: Public Art Project”

  1. Tom Netherland

    Hello Karahann,

    Love the concept and purpose behind you and your team’s interactive public art project. It appears that your ideas and concepts detailed from therein center upon the crossroads whereon verve meets creativity and beauty. If they incorporate it fully, Johnson City will be all the more better – and beautiful, as a result.


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