Whitehouse Project – Verbal Graffiti

After an in-class discussion on March 16th, a consensus was reached that the voice of our projection project needed to be addressed. Is it a satire? Is it a more serious statement? Is it an immersive animation with a storyline or a more passive, atmospheric piece? These were the topics of discussion during our group meeting session a few days after class.

Vanessa Mayoraz mentioned Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live during our last class period. She noted that Tina Fey did not change any of the verbiage from Palin’s address, but the mere reenacting of the original speech using similar mannerisms was enough to be humorous. This sparked an idea!

Regardless of political views and ideologies, what has appalled us collectively is the complete lack of respect and diplomacy of our presidential candidates. The language they have used impugning the reputation of each other has been a disgrace to our country, and it offends the social acceptance and freedoms our country was founded upon.

The decision was reached that the use of real sound clips gathered from various online media that depict the degrading and insulting language of our candidates will be edited together, to create a loop that builds  tension with layering. The candidates themselves will be yelling out the White House windows at each other (fig. 1.)


We hope to create a reaction of repulsion, as the sound layers build into what becomes simply noise.

Below, we have some examples of sound clips we are sampling, we are working on a master list.

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