White House Project – Animation Drafts

Progress Update: the Video Effects for the White House Project are now drafted. The background features a sound particle that reacts to the voiceover audio. (see EXPORT 1 Below.)  The layered white house vector file was broken into sections, with layers for each of the president puppet clips behind the windows in the main timeline composition. (fig. 1 & 2)

fig. 1 – Timeline With Window Layers

fig. 2 – Masked Out White House WindowsAE01

EXPORT 1 – Audio + Audio Particle Effects, No Kinetic Type

The next draft includes the Kinetic type animations, which are synced with the audio, the coloration of the foreground and background are also shifted toward the end, becoming more ominous as the timeline progresses.

EXPORT 2 – Kinetic Typography + Color VFX

The Puppets for the windows have been created, audio syncs drafted. (fig. 3)

fig. 3 – Cruz Puppet face by Julie Woodburn

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