NMS Innovators 1 & 2

This is a series of slideshows with examples from some of my favorite New Media innovators done as research in my New Media Studio M.A. program. In each of these there is: 1) A New Media Artist 2) A Group or Agency and 3) A New Technology.

Exercise 1 & 2

The first is Jim Tierney – known primarily for his beautiful book cover illustration. The Pennsylvanian native now works for Penguin books and his illustrations have a flat, iconic, limited-color palate look that echo 1960s advertising.

PSYOP, a visual effects firm out of Los Angles best known for their Coca-Cola “Fantasy Factory” commercial spot. Their focus on brand story and use of playful characters in fanciful concepts are truly inspired examples of advertising.

“Paper” is an app by 53 that operates on a cloud-based system built for multiple devices, but with a focus on tablet note-taking and sketching capability. Interacting with their hardware “Pencil,” the system allows the user to group content into different “books” which, in a recent collaboration with molskeine, can be printed as fold-out paper books.

Lauren Hom, founder of “Hom Sweet Hom” is a hand-letterer and illustrator in Brooklin, NYC. Her commercial and personal work echo a distinct typographic style with playful letterforms and cheerful colors. She interacts with the local food industry (and indulges her love of snacking) through her blog “will letter for lunch” on which she offers to do chalk menus in trade for food.

ILoveDust is an agency based out of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. They are known for their edgy, loud, urban style. In their own words, they are “Collaborating with a diverse range of brands, from these shores and afar, and delivering world class illustration and graphic design…”


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