Group Project
“The Light Theater”

A collaborative project with Laura Osteen and Julie Woodburn nicknamed “The Light Theater” (title still pending) will include scene projections on a 3-Dimensional backdrop or stage. The three parts of the project include:

  • Component 1 – Papercraft Set. Our set will be designed in illustrator, converted to cut lines, and lazer-cut out of a sturdy material and built up in paper-craft form. (example, Fig. 1 – 3) These set pieces may include elements of transparency or painted matte white, depending on the desired effect given the concept chosen.


  • Component 2 – Scene Animation. Our storyboard, either set on one Papercraft Set or several (based on which concept we choose) will then be brought to life with illustration and After Effects animation. Each collaborator will choose a scene, using the vector masks of the set pieces as our guides, and tell the story in whatever style we so choose individually. (example storyboards, Fig. 4 – 7)


  • Component 3 – Interactive Installation.  The animated scenes will be exported into separate video clips, which will be playable with a physical user interface.  In concept, with use of the Makey Makey technology the user can approach the animation and change the scene with the buttons.  (Fig. 8)


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