Downtown JC Interactive Public Art Project

Under the direction of Cher Cornett, the fall ’16 ETSU Experimental Media class is embarking on an exciting project for the Johnson City Public Art Committee. My colleagues Julie Woodburn, Laura Osteen and I will be working together on an interactive public art piece to be placed as a permanent fixture in downtown. These past weeks we have been gathering ideas, researching local history and sketching up concepts.

Our first meeting with the Johnson City Public Art Committee took place last night 9/15/16. Our initial presentation (see below) got everyone thinking about the possibilities. With an evident spirit of collaboration between the Digital Media team and JCPAC backed with the facilities necessary for production, our hope is to transform the now static space in downtown into a welcoming and comfortable public destination. Upon further discussion, the committee selected one of the two sites presented, the passageways to downtown, for us to focus on. More updates on this project soon! To follow the progress of this project visit: