“State of the Union” White House Projection Mapping Art Piece

Early last week we set out to complete our “State of the Union” stage. We decided on a sturdy 4x8ft sheet of Maple. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, we rigged the wood sheet to the roof of Julie’s Subaru and a terrifying 10 mph trip to campus commenced with both of us half-hanging out the window to keep the board from floating off. After that misadventure, we went over to the Technology and Geomatics building here on ETSU campus with the final draft of the AutoCad compatible files (.dwg, .dxf). We sat down with professor Hemphill, (fig. 1) who was kind enough to help us arrange the components so they fit within 3 2x4ft sheets for the final laser cut. (fig. 2-4)

We then glued the stage together and painted it with a matte white paint, ideal for the projection component of the piece (fig. 5-8)


This piece was put on display in the “Rock the Ball” ETSU Art & Design exhibit, on the 4th floor in the “Extended Media” room.

5 thoughts on ““State of the Union” White House Projection Mapping Art Piece”

    1. Karahann KiserKarahann Kiser Post Author

      Thank you, Tom! It is a timely piece. There is so much noise circulating, a barrage of insults instead of diplomacy and respect. It is grotesque and unsettling in a way, these are all potential future leaders.

      1. Tom Netherland

        You’re welcome, Karahann! Totally agreed, relative to the tone and tenor of the process thus far in the race for the White House. That such a barrage of insults has been bantered around thus far reflects poorly not just on them, but on America, which is a gross misrepresentation of who we generally are as Americans. Oh, for some civil discourse, ya know? 🙂

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